How many grams of cannabis can a single plant grown in hydroponics?

Written by on 4 May, 2021

When talking about cannabis growing it is normal that you think about marijuana plantations in soil; however, there are cannabis growers who are opting to grow their girls in hydroponics.

The truth is that hydroponic growing can offer you several advantages one of them for example, is that your Mary Jane can grow much faster compared to when planted in soil.

Surely, this form of growing catches your attention and most likely you are wondering: How many grams of cannabis can I get with a single plant grown in hydroponics?

Well, this information is very important to know, especially to determine if it is worth the investment you are making or if it is preferable to opt for other simpler growing techniques. Stay with us, we will talk about it.

How much marijuana does a plant in hydroponics growing?

For this question there is no definite answer, because as you know, in the cannabis growing there are factors are involved such as genetics, growing conditions, lighting, among others, which can affect the performance of your precious plant.

If you do your hydroponic growing properly, controlling the pH of the water, the temperature, the amount of fertilizers used, among other aspects, you can expect yields of up to 1.2 gr per watt. Therefore, a 600W HPS bulb could give you up to 720 gr of bud production.


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