How many grams do you get out of a marijuana plant? 

Written by on 23 February, 2022

The dream of every cannabis grower, whether novice or experienced, is usually to grow healthy, high-yielding marijuana plants.

If you also want to get maximum yields from your cannabis plantation, you are probably wondering: How much marijuana does a plant produce? And, normally, you have this concern because if you want good results you must know what to expect from the plant you are planting.

To answer your question, it is very important to know that there is no clear answer to this question since the yield of a variety will depend on several factors or on the growing conditions of the plant itself, but it is possible to make some approximations.

Production of a marijuana plant

As we mentioned, several elements can affect the final harvest of your marijuana plant.

If you grow indoors, for example, with the right bulbs for each stage of the marijuana life cycle, you can expect 1 gram of marijuana per watt of light from a cannabis plant. This means that if you use a 400 W HPS bulb, you would get 400 grams.

As we indicated before, this is not an absolute rule, because to achieve the expected results, other factors have an influence, such as having the necessary equipment for indoor growing, ventilation, extraction, among others, or ensuring that the space is sufficient.

On the other hand, to determine how many grams a plant yields when grown outdoors, factors such as genetics and the conditions of the environment where it is grown also play a role. In addition, plants can be affected by rain, wind, among others.

If you guarantee the best conditions for your marijuana, outdoors you can establish an average of 500 grams per plant to 2 kilos per strain in case you plant in soil.

Also, take into account that if you grow in pots, you will have the main limitation produced by the dimensions of the pot. For example, if you plant in a 50-liter pot, you can expect up to 600 grams per plant. But remember that these are approximate values.

Final considerations

If you are looking for the highest yield, it is ideal that you choose the genetics with the highest production potential and that you offer your girls the nutrients they need for each stage.

It is recommended to choose a quality substrate and the right container. If the roots are healthy and have enough space to develop, you will get plants of good size and great results.

Finally, it is also important to keep in mind that if you are a beginner grower you will most likely not get the same yield per plant as an experienced grower. However, as you practice and increase your knowledge as a grower the yield should also increase.


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