How long should the curing process of my marijuana take?

Written by on 30 June, 2022

All growers are excited to harvest their buds early to smoke them as soon as possible. Well, but as you may know, after harvesting your cannabis flowers there are still processes such as manicuring, drying and curing to enjoy your Mary Jane.

The curing process for example, is one of the most important; if you carry, it out successfully the results you will get will be very satisfactory.

When you cure your buds you will contribute to preserve their flavors and psychoactive potency, and also, they will produce a smoother smoke, but how long should this process take? Keep reading this post.

Curing process time

The curing process is very simple; it consists of placing your dried buds in airtight jars and storing them for a certain period. Ideally, do not place your buds too tightly.

During the first weeks, it is recommended to open the jars a few minutes a day to let the air renew.

Usually, the time that growers spend curing their buds takes about 1 month. However, some say that a curing time of 4-8 weeks will get the maximum flavor and aroma from your buds.

Generally, remember to store your jars in a dark, dry place and just be patient.





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