How do you create feminized cannabis seeds yourself?

Written by on 5 June, 2022

The goal of most cannabis growers is to harvest flowers full of resin; growing female plants could only achieve this. Remember that male cannabis strains do not produce buds.

The male plants, although they are not very asked, are those that produce the pollen used to fertilize the female varieties in order to create seeds.

The seeds that can be obtained through this process are regular, so your plants can come out male or female. However, if you want to obtain mostly female seeds, there are different feminization techniques that you can apply for that; here we will talk about the use of colloidal silver. Read on.

Apply colloidal silver

To carry out this method you will need colloidal silver, make sure it is a minimum concentration, preferably 30ppm.

Then select a female cannabis strain and spray the plant with the colloidal silver daily, after it starts to flower. In about two weeks, your female plant should start producing pollen sacs, as you normally see in male plants. Some growers continue to spray the plants until they show a growth of the sexual organs.

Once you have the pollen from a female plant, you can start to pollinate another female plant in your garden to start producing a few feminized seeds.


After spraying the plants with colloidal silver and harvesting their pollen, these strains should not be smoked. Make sure you apply this substance correctly to your plants to avoid making mistakes.

To feminize the marijuana seeds, besides using colloidal silver, there are techniques such as applying silver thiosulfate (STS) that can also work.

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