How do I know when my marijuana is ready?

Written by on 8 July, 2022

When you grow your own Mary Jane, you probably want time to pass quickly, so you can get your hands on your precious resinous buds. Well, if you are looking forward to harvesting your flowers, you have to wait for the right moment to start cutting them, but how do you know when they are ready?

Keep reading this post, we will talk about this topic, so that you can harvest your fruits at the right time and avoid rushing.

When to harvest?

To determine, when your weed is ready to be cut, there are several points or indications that can help you. For example, knowing the flowering time of the variety you have chosen (based on the indications of the seed bank) will allow you to have an approximate idea of the day of harvest.

It is important to taking into account the aforementioned, you also look at other factors that will indicate when your Mary is ready.

One of those elements you should pay attention to is precisely the trichomes of your Mary Jane, that is to say those tiny frosted particles that you see on your plant, that contain almost all the cannabinoids of cannabis.

To observe the trichomes you will need the help of a magnifying glass, when they go from being crystalline and acquire a milky tone mostly, and others with amber tones, it will be time to cut your buds.

You can also look at the pistils of your plants, when they turn brown or orange, it is a sign that harvest time is near.

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