How do I know when my cannabis plants are suffering from heat stress?

Written by on 24 June, 2022

If we provide the right conditions to our cannabis plants, they will grow healthy and strong, but we must not forget that in the path of growing weed, unforeseen circumstances may arise, which may end up negatively affecting your plantation.

For example, factors such as very high temperatures can end up stressing your girls, which can cause them various inconveniences, which eventually can compromise the quality of your harvests.

It is very important that you identify this problem in time, but how do you know when your plants are suffering from heat stress? Well, stay with us, here we will tell you about it.

Symptoms of heat stress

To recognize if your marijuana flowers are suffering from heat stress, it is ideal that you observe their appearance. A sign of this is if you notice that the leaves of your weed are beginning to curl upwards, and they have a dry and wilted appearance.

In addition to a diseased appearance, the leaves develop irregularly shaped brown spots, and yellow areas from discoloration.

Also, heat stress can cause foxtailing, i.e., abnormal buds on top of the buds.

Final considerations

It is very important that you correctly identify when your cannabis plants are suffering from heat stress, as there are problems that can cause similar symptoms, such as nutritional excesses or deficiencies.

If you notice that, there is excessive heat in your growing closet you can choose to place fans to cool your growing environment.

Consider increasing the distance between your plants and the light source if you see symptoms of heat stress in the upper leaves, you can also opt to use LED lamps that emit less heat.

Outdoors it is more difficult to control this situation, but we advise growing in pots so that you can move them when the sunlight is too intense.

Also, during a heat wave it is recommended to water your plants in the morning or in the evening, when the heat is less intense.


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