How do I know if my cannabis plants are growing well?

Written by on 12 May, 2022

To start your own cannabis growing you don’t need to be an expert, however, you do need to educate yourself on certain aspects such as watering, lighting, temperature or proper fertilization to ensure that everything goes as expected.

Once you learn how to plant your Mary Jane, follow each step to the letter and let your girls develop, but how do I know if my marijuana plants are growing well? It is a question that many growers asking; especially when they do not have much experience, but relax, here we will tell you about it.

Healthy cannabis plants

To determine if your cannabis strains are growing well and are completely healthy, it is ideal that you observe their leaves and roots constantly because they will tell you if something is wrong.

For example, if you notice that the leaves do not curl downwards or discolor, it means that they are developing correctly, but if on the contrary they show these symptoms then it will be time for you to act, and there is probably an excess or deficiency of nutrients. However, it is ideal that you determine the exact cause of the problem to avoid making a mistake.

Generally, the color of the leaves should be bright green, lighter or darker depending on the variety you have chosen.

As mentioned, the roots will also tell you if your flowers are developing in the best way. Generally, healthy pot plants tend to have white roots, if on the contrary you notice that they are brown and smelly you probably overwatered them.

It is very important to keep in mind that without a healthy root system your girls will have difficulty to grow.

In order for the roots to develop properly, make sure to ensure a quality substrate, such as those that come with materials that retain moisture and provide oxygen to the soil.

Also, give the roots enough space to grow, and if necessary, transplant your flowers into larger pots from time to time so that they do not become entangled.

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