How do I grow my Mary Jane?

Written by on 3 May, 2020

There are many factors to consider in order to a good grow, to keep “Mary Jane” safe and in good condition. Here are some tips on how to do it


The first thing to do is to follow every step:

1.- Plant in places where the plants receive direct light: If we want to have a good harvest outdoors, it is necessary that our plants receive at least 5 hours of direct light, the more hours of direct light the plant receives, the better and more compact it will be, since it will not need to stretch to look for sunlight.

2.- Use a good substrate or soil: The substrate we use is fundamental to obtain a good harvest. Investing in a quality soil will give us a sure benefit and will save us some problems that could arise in the future, since a poor quality substrate will affect the yield of our grow.

3.- Do not use more fertilizer than necessary: Over-fertilization can lead to future problems. The most common symptoms that indicate that we are over-fertilizing our plants are that the leaves acquire the shape of claws with the tips downwards or that they start to burn.

4.- Using organic and ecological insecticides and pesticides: Remember that the use of chemical pesticides and insecticides is not recommended, since cannabis cultivation is commonly directed towards consumption in any form, and the use of this type of insecticide can affect the taste and carry health risks.

5.- Monitor the pH of the water: The pH is a measure to determine the level of acidity of the water. Controlling and correcting the PH of the water will allow our plants to assimilate the maximum amount of nutrients. The PH of the water of our plants should oscillate between 5.8 and 6.8 depending on if they are in phase of growth or flowering.

6.- Watering as often as necessary: As well as excess fertilizer, excess water can also lead to problems for the plants such as roots rotting due to stagnant water. Do not water more than necessary.


  1. Use proper lamps: Not just any light is good for growing cannabis, so paying special attention to the spectrum and wattage of the lamps and making sure you are using the right one can be the difference between success and failure.


  1. Prevent light leakage: During the 12 hours of darkness in the flowering phase in indoor cultivation. If we don’t make sure that during the 12 hours of darkness no light filters in from the outside, our plants will not flower. The alternation between light and dark hours is what tells the plants that the growing period is over and they should start to flower. If we do not guarantee hours of total darkness, our plant will continue with the growth phase and will not flower.


9.- Control and eliminate males and hermaphrodites: The presence of males or hermaphrodites in our grow could spoil it if we don’t eliminate them in time, since they would pollinate our female plants making them produce seeds. Controlling the environmental conditions of our grow to not generate stress to the plants will avoid, among others, the presence of hermaphrodites in our grow.

10.- Do not prune without control: Pruning or cutting the leaves of the plants without knowing what purpose it is being done and how it should be done correctly can damage them, since the leaves are reserves of nutrients that the plants can use in case of deficiencies.

11.- Cutting the plants at the right time: Before harvesting we must make sure that it is the right time, for this, the most reliable method is to observe if the trichomes of the plant are at their optimum point of maturity, for this a magnifying glass will be needed. We can also be guided by the colour of the pistils (when they turn dark orange or brown) and by the references in the seed bank. However, to ensure that we harvest at the right time, the trichomes should be observed.

12.- Dry and cure properly: Although everyone has ever smoked their grow before its time, if we want to enjoy it 100%, it is vital that we dry and cure our flowers properly. First, we must dry the buds in a cool, dry, dark place with a little ventilation (but without draughts) for 15-20 days. When the branches creak without breaking, we should put the buds to cure in airtight containers or wooden boxes. During the curing process, we must open and close our jars every day for approximately 15-20 days, although the curing process can take much longer.

We hope that these tips have helped you a lot and in this way keep “Mary Jane” as it should be, as a “Queen”.

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