How cold affects the cannabis growing

Written by on 26 October, 2020

If you are starting to grow marijuana, you need to know that cannabis plants need certain environmental conditions, such as temperature, to grow properly.

Well, precisely, in this opportunity we want to talk to you about this factor, specifically, about how the cold affects the marijuana growing.

Cold in the growing

Depending on the area where you plan to grow, the plants will be exposed or not, to low temperatures, because in some places, the temperature does not remain constant throughout the year, so it is essential that you know how the climate of the growing area is.

Keep in mind that the ideal for the cannabis growing is not to allow that the temperature descends from 18º-20º.

Negative effects

Marijuana plants react differently to cold, but if they have to live in low temperatures, their metabolism will gradually slow down. It is necessary to maintain a control, because, the more the temperature descends the development of the plants will be slower.

The vegetative vigor will disappear and the cannabis plants will remain small and weak. The root system will not develop properly, being unable to absorb as many nutrients as usual (will weaken the absorption of nutrients such as magnesium), affecting the flowering and creating very small buds.

For these reasons, it is very relevant to watch and have controlled at all times the temperature of the plants to avoid weakening them little by little and to avoid affecting their development. Keep in mind that if the temperatures are very low the plant can come to die.

The cold must be avoided especially if it occurs in the early stages of growth, as it will create a variety of problems.

However, is the cold very bad for the plants of cannabis? Well, if you take your precautions, it can be favorable for your growing. The low temperatures (moderate) can give place to plants, with showy colors and resinous heads, among others, but in the same way, you must be very careful, because that it is positive or not, it depends on the stage of life in which the plant is. The best thing will be, without a doubt, to maintain the optimal temperature levels.


Keep the temperature of your cannabis growing controlled and of course, other factors such as humidity, watering and lighting among others. Always check that they are at the right levels.





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