How and why to do a root washing to your cannabis plants

Written by on 12 February, 2022

Regardless of whether you are a novice cannabis grower or a more experienced one, it is always important that you know the concept of root washing, if you still don’t know what it is, don’t get anxious, here we tell you about it so that you can obtain a successful harvest.

What exactly is it?

When we talk about root washing we are referring precisely to the action of using common water to actively remove all nutrients from the soil. A large amount of water is passed through and drained, any minerals that are found will be washed away. But why would you want to remove soil nutrients from your plants?

When nutrients are removed from the soil, it forces your marijuana plants to consume the residual food that is still present in the soil, they absorb and process the excess nutrients without storing any unnecessary minerals. It is a very simple process, however you must know when is the right time.

Why wash the roots?

Although if you do not perform this process, it is not a bad thing to die, the consequences of not washing the roots of your cannabis plants will be felt mainly in each smoke, usually with strong flavored smokes and chemical touches, and even your flowers may have difficulties to burn.

This process allows your cannabis to have a better taste, and it is very easy, you only have to apply water as you would do with any plant. When doing so, make sure it is enough to absorb the nutrients and extract them, just add more water until it comes out clean through the drainage holes of the pot.

When is the best time to apply this process?

Generally, a root washing is done two weeks before each harvest, if you have a plant that flowers in 8 weeks, the washing will start six weeks after the beginning of the flowering stage.

To know if your plant is ready to carry out this process, observe the trichomes, if these translucent compounds start to turn darker it is a great indication to start.

Be careful, if you do it too early it will cause the loss of too many minerals and also the leaves of your plants will turn yellowish or discolored.

What you do need to watch out for is optimizing the pH of your water. Watering cannabis with a pH that is too high or too low can affect the concentration of salts in your plants and produce negative results such as nutrient starvation. Fortunately, this is a process you can do yourself and it is very easy.


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