How and why should you clean your grow room?

Written by on 22 March, 2022

Although keeping your grow room or grow closet clean and tidy may seem like an unimportant detail, it is. Hygiene is key to success in your marijuana plantations.

A dirty and tidy environment can bring a series of inconveniences: some of these can even compromise the health of your plants. That’s why cleaning and maintaining your growing space should be part of your routine, and to help you keep everything in order, here are some tips.

Why is it important to keep your grow space clean?

The cleaner and tidier your grow room is, the less likely it is that pests, diseases, or mold will take hold of your plants.

If there is dust in the environment, it could accumulate in growing equipment such as fans, which could eventually impair its proper functioning.

In short, keeping the environment where your plants grow clean will benefit their health, and of course, that of your beloved buds.

Tips to keep your grow room clean

1- Clean before growing

To prevent future problems it is recommended to clean the growing space before you start placing your plants.

You can opt for a quick clean for new grow rooms or used grow rooms that haven’t had any pest problems by wiping the ceiling and walls with antibacterial wipes and making sure to sweep the floor well.

If you had problems with pests or pathogens during your previous growth, you need to take other drastic measures before starting your new growing; You will need to disinfect everything thoroughly.

Also, before entering the room where your plants are, remember to wash your hands thoroughly. And the tools you use, also be thoroughly cleaned.

2- Store your tools in an orderly fashion

Taking the time to put everything in its place will be the key. Cluttering your tools could result in trips that could put you in danger or cause damage to your plants or equipment.

Organize pruning shears, pots, fertilizers in specific places. Keep the ground clear and remove electrical wires.

3- Remove dead plant matter and prune your girls

Makes sure not to store dead plant matter, as it could also be a favorable environment for unwanted guests. Opt to prune your plants constantly and remove the debris.

Regular pruning will help you keep the space where your flowers grow clean and tidy. Just be sure to apply this method properly, usually recommended to do it during the vegetative stage.


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