How and when to transplant your marijuana seedlings?

Written by on 21 January, 2022

The seedling stage of marijuana begins (after germination), at the moment when the first pair of leaves, the cotyledons, appear. And it usually lasts between two to three weeks.

It is very important that during this phase you are very careful with your girls, as the seedlings are very small and fragile. Offer them the best conditions for them to develop properly.

Transplanting Marijuana Seedlings

Once the seeds have opened, they are ready to be planted. When transferred to soil or another growing medium, the seedling will eventually come to the surface.

Ideally, seedlings should be in a small pot from the start. Some people even plant them in disposable plastic cups. As your girls get older, it will be time to move them to another house. That’s right, you will have to move them to a larger container.

If you decide not to transplant your plants and leave your girls in the small container, their roots will start to grow around the walls and become knotted, so they won’t be able to absorb nutrients and the water won’t drain properly.

When your seedling has already developed four pairs of leaves or the roots start to tangle and come out of the base of the pot, it will be the right time to start the movie.

How to transplant the seedlings?

To begin moving your girls to the next container, it is ideal to wash your hands and wear gloves to prevent contamination of the plants.

When handling and transplanting seedlings, act gently. Remember that any damage to the roots can cause them a lot of stress. Avoid transplanting in bright light.

If transplanting from small plastic pots or cups, place the plant on a solid surface and gently press the sides of the pot or cup to separate the soil from the container. This step should make removal easier.

Once you have done the above, place one hand over the top of the pot so that the base of the stem is between your fingers. Then carefully turn the pot upside down.
Now, with gentle movements and applying light pressure on the sides of the pot, proceed to extract the seedling with its roots.

Before this step, you should prepare the larger pot you will use. Then, prepare the soil and make a hole the right size for the seedling.

It is important that when you remove the seedling from the initial pot, you do it quickly. Take your plant to its new home and fill the empty spaces in the new pot with soil.

Then flatten the soil slightly to stabilize the seedling. Do this carefully, pressing gently. After transplanting, water abundantly.

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