HM lamps! When to use them in your cannabis growing?

Written by on 26 June, 2022

When it comes to planting cannabis indoors, there are a number of factors to consider, one of which is lighting.

You see, if you want to achieve a successful harvest with a large number of large, resinous buds, making sure your flowers receive adequate light is crucial.

In the cannabis, market there is a great variety of lamps you can choose. In this post, we will talk about HM (metal halide) lights.

Metal halide lamps

HM lights are a variety of bulbs that fall within the family of high intensity discharge lamps or HID.

This type of bulb is characterized by emitting white light (with blue tones). The most commonly used powers of these lights range from 250 W, 400 W and 600 W. In addition, these types of lights need a ballast to be turned on.

When to use them?

Each one of the lamps that exist in the cannabis market are designed for a stage of growing in concrete.

By the bluish light spectrum that they emit, the HM bulbs are perfect for the stage of growth or vegetative. Thanks to its potential, your plants will develop much more compact, leafy have a better branching. Many growers choose them for the maintenance of mother plants.

The negative of these lights is that they emit a lot of heat, for which, it is important that you place the bulbs to a suitable distance of your flowers. Also, make sure you have a good ventilation system.

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