Harvest your buds faster with these tips

Written by on 19 November, 2021

If as a cannabis grower you want to get your marijuana buds as soon as possible, you don’t have to wait months to get it, because there are different tricks or tips that you can implement to grow your buds faster.

Get a pen and paper and take note of the 3 tips that we will present below. You will be enjoying your flowers sooner than you think.

1- Choose indoor growing

Growing marijuana indoors is one of the alternatives you can put into practice if you want to obtain early harvests.

Keep in mind that indoors, either in a closet or a grow room, you will have more control over your plants, you can change the lighting and other aspects in favor of speed.

2- Grow from cuttings

One of the advantages of growing from cuttings is precisely that it will allow you to get a faster harvest.

Remember that compared to seeds, cuttings have a shorter growing period. You will be skipping the germination phase, which can last several days.

3- Opt for autoflowering marijuana

These are the go to strains for those looking for fast results. Autoflowering cannabis matures at a faster rate than photoperiodic marijuana.

Often, these very fast strains go from a seed to a fully mature plant in 8 weeks. In addition, they do not usually exceed one meter in height, which makes them ideal for growing in small spaces.

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