Harvest your buds faster! See how to do it

Written by on 30 March, 2022

In general, most of the cannagrowers when they initiate their plantation of marijuana they wish to obtain their flowers as soon as possible, certain.

Well, if you would like to harvest your flowers quickly, it is not said more and it follows the advices that we are going to present/display to you. You will see that soon you will enjoy your precious buds.

1- Use cuttings

Growing your mota from cuttings can bring you several advantages, and well one of them is that it implies a faster harvest.

Remember that compared to seeds, cuttings have a shorter growing period. You will be skipping the germination phase, which can last several days.

2- Hydroponic growing

Plants grown in hydroponic systems grow in a soil-less substrate, suspended over a water reservoir. Their roots grow directly in the water, where they can absorb nutrients more quickly and easily, resulting in faster growth.

Many growers claim that superior harvests are also generated with this type of growing.

3- Choose the indoor growing

Although growing outdoors offers, you several advantages and you can also apply techniques to accelerate the growing, to achieve your goal we recommend you to start your planting indoors.

You see, growing indoors gives you a little more control over your flowers, so it might be easier to implement methods to get to harvest quickly.

4- Apply the “12/12 from seed” technique

Do you want to pick up your buds faster? Well, the “12/12 from seed” technique will surely help you achieve this.

This technique consists of applying a cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness from the beginning, that is to say, skipping the traditional vegetative phase. As soon as the vine is sexually mature, it will begin to flower.

In addition this method is perfect to grow sativas in inside since you will be able to control a little its growth.

Final considerations

Whether you decide to start your Mary Jane indoors or outdoors growing, to accelerate your growing it is essential that you choose the right strain.

Keep in mind that some cannabis strains have been carefully created to encourage faster growth and flowering. For example, the autoflowering strains are known precisely for their speed.

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