Growing marijuana in a greenhouse? Check out these tips that will help you

Written by on 24 October, 2022

Just as marijuana can grow well indoors or outdoors, it can also develop well in a greenhouse; of course, you must ensure all the conditions that your plants need so that you can get good harvests.

If you are just about to get started in this adventure of growing cannabis in a greenhouse, then take note of some tips that will surely be very useful.

Growing marijuana in a greenhouse

If you want to get the best yields in your greenhouse cannabis plantation; You’d better start by choosing high-quality seeds; because even if you work hard to offer the best environment, a cannabis seed will still be wrong. The results are probably will not be as expected.

Setting up your greenhouse is not such a complicated task. As general advice, it is ideal that you know in advance the available space; you have because based on this, you will be able to define the type of greenhouse you need. Likewise, you must evaluate your budget and the number of plants you’re going to grow to determine a decision.

You must locate your greenhouse in an area where it receives sufficient sunlight. It should be close to switches in case you need to connect equipment such as fans or extractors.

On the other hand, some recommend opting for a combination of low- and high-stress training techniques to control plant growth, ensuring that they make the most of the available light and space.

Maintaining discretion is key to protecting your plants, whether from curious neighbors or thieves. Growing in a greenhouse is a good option, but some growers recommend painting the outside of the greenhouse with bleach paint to hide everything that goes on inside.

It is also advisable to add associated growing such as mint or tomatoes to camouflage the appearance and smell of the weed. You can also choose to use carbon filters in the ventilation system to mask the smell of cannabis.



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