Growing autoflowering marijuana outdoors? Here we tell you the advantages of doing it

Written by on 2 May, 2022

When growing marijuana, it is ideal that you choose a cannabis strain that suits the conditions or means that you can offer.

If you decide to grow your Mary Jane in the garden of your home, patio or terrace, opting for an autoflowering strain of weed may be the most indicated, if you are not very convinced about choosing this type of flowers, here are some reasons that will probably make you change your mind.

Why you should grow auto cannabis strains outdoors (Advantages)

1- Discrete growing

As you know, auto cannabis strains do not grow very tall, usually reaching a height between 60cm to 1m, which can be very advantageous for those users who are looking for discretion.

Thanks to the speed with which these girls grow, they can allow growers to assemble and dismantle their plantation in less time.

2- They take up little space

Generally, outdoor marijuana growing is characterized by having enough space, but this is not always the case, if you only have a small balcony at home, opting for auto strains will come in handy because they do not take up much space.

3- Less vulnerable to pests

If you have been growing cannabis outdoors for some time, you will have noticed that in this type of environment, flowers are more susceptible to pest attacks.

Well, planting autoflowering marijuana strains will be of great help because these varieties are characterized by being strong and disease resistant plants, thanks to their fast growth they are less vulnerable to pests. However, you should not be overconfident and always keep an eye on your girls.

4- Ideal for guerrilla growing

Auto strains are usually robust, resistant and do not need so much care, so they are a perfect alternative for those growers who want to set up a guerrilla growing.

5- More abundant harvests

By planting your autoflowering girls outdoors, they will have access to sunlight, which will favor the production of more abundant harvests and fatter buds.



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