Grow your own cannabis in your own garden

Written by on 5 October, 2020

If you have a space in your garden and would like to grow your own cannabis? This is a good place to do it. Growing marijuana outdoors is an activity that can be very rewarding.

Growing cannabis in your own garden can offer you a number of advantages, including immediate access to your plants when you want them, and it is a more cost-effective option than indoor growing, as you do not have to invest in expensive equipment such as lamps.

The only thing is that your plants, when outdoors, are not exempt from suffering damage caused by nature.

It is recommended that you plan your growing strategy well before starting, to avoid having inconveniences later on.

Tips for garden growers:

1- Choose a good site

If you have not yet prepared a space in your garden to place your planting, well, then that will be the first thing you should consider.

Get a place where your plants can receive enough sunlight, and a place where the water can drain off easily.

2- Get the necessary tools

It is ideal that you have all the tools you will need at hand before you start growing in your garden.

It gathers basic tools such as: a scissors of pruning and manicured of cannabis, Jiffy or prey peat to germinate the seeds, pots of outside to place the plant once germinated, a hose that arrives until the zone of growing to water your plants, among others.

3- Grow the most suitable strain of cannabis

Choose a variety of cannabis that can be adapted to your conditions of growing. Depending on the region in which you live, some plants grow very well in cold environments, while others are more resistant to humidity.

Find out about the characteristics of the cannabis strain you want to buy and make sure that it is ideal for you.

Autoflowering cannabis is usually a great choice to make, as this type of marijuana is very easy to grow, grow faster, are smaller plants and resistant.

4- Use associated growing

If you prefer to maintain discretion in your plantation, a good idea is to consider the association of growing, which is simply to place other plants such as basil or mint, to hide your cannabis.

In addition, the associated growing allows you to disguise the smell of your marijuana and keep away the pests of your precious growing.


For your cannabis growing in the garden, it is ideal that you have a soil in optimal conditions. Make an analysis to your soil in some laboratory so that you know its characteristics and you can determine what nutrients it contains and in case of being necessary to add those that it needs.


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