Grow your cannabis organically and ecologically with these tips

Written by on 14 January, 2021

Generally, most growers are looking for new alternatives to improve the quality of the marijuana they produce.

One of the options that more and more has demand is the cannabis grown of organic and ecological form the reason.

You will see, many choose this type of marijuana because they assure that it has better flavor. In addition this type of growing implies making a sustainable use of resources, does not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers or any product harmful to health or the environment.

If you notice this way of planting Mary Jane, you are lucky because this type of growing can also be done at home. Stay with us and follow these tips:

Grow outdoors

If you live in an area, where the climate is favorable for the growth of cannabis, then a very good option is to plant your flowers outdoors.

In indoor growing, lighting and ventilation equipment must be installed, so electrical energy is consumed, unlike outdoor growing where the sun is the natural source of illumination.

Use more sustainable light

If you can’t grow in a garden or on a balcony, don’t worry, to do it indoors there are different alternatives you can implement to make the consumption of resources as efficient as possible.

A more recommended option is to use LED lights because they do not consume as much energy compared to other lamps, and they do not heat as much.

If necessary, you can also implement techniques to make the lighting reach all parts of the plant more efficiently, such as the Low Stress Training (LST) method.

Forget about chemicals

Some marijuana growers use pesticides that are made entirely of chemicals, but if you want to contribute to the environment, it’s best to stay away from them.

There are alternatives that you can implement in your growing to keep pests and plagues away from your plants, for example, you can plant associated crops to repel certain intruders.
There are also beneficial insects to combat all pests and natural sprays that are very effective.


If you have quality organic soil, there may be no need to add any supplements or fertilizers, but if necessary, there are organic products that can help you.

One of these alternatives can be for example compost tea, which in addition to promoting soil microorganisms helps to prevent disease.


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