Grow marijuana on a window sill, follow these tips

Written by on 15 July, 2022

Some growers are fortunate to have a large plot to grow their marijuana plants outdoors; others have the possibility of installing a large indoor growing cabinet. However, not all have the same luck; some only have a small space in their apartment.

If you want to grow your own cannabis and don’t have a balcony or the possibility to buy equipment to set up a grow closet, don’t worry on a window sill you can do it too. Read on and take note of some tips.

Advantages and disadvantages of growing cannabis in a window

Growing marijuana on a windowsill can offer you several advantages, one of which is that you can save money because, as we mentioned earlier, you won’t have to buy expensive equipment. Your plants will be able to receive direct sunlight, and it’s an ideal way for beginners to get started.

Although growing in a window also has some disadvantages, because by doing it there, you will not have much space and you will only be able to place a few plants. In addition, if you want to keep your plantation hidden you will hardly be able to do so because in your window they can be seen easily.

Tips for growing in windowsill

1- Choose the right place

As you know, marijuana plants need enough light to develop properly. That is why, choosing the right place can make a difference.

If you are growing on a windowsill, select the window that receives the most sunlight.

If you realize that your plants are not getting all the hours of light they need to thrive, you can supplement that lack by putting in artificial light.

2- Grow autoflowering

When you grow marijuana, it is always ideal to choose the right variety, especially when you decide to do it on the windowsill because you do not have much space.

Auto-flowering varieties can be a great choice. These flowers can offer you several advantages, because they are easy to grow, are resistant and do not grow as much.

In addition, an important point to take into account is that in a windowsill, you will not have enough control over the lighting to force the flowering of a photoperiodic variety; instead, the plants will autoflowering independently of the light cycle.

3- Select the ideal container

You need to choose the right container to grow your marijuana strains. Select a pot that fits the space available in your window, but also has enough space for the roots to develop smoothly. Moreover, don’t forget to use a pot with enough drainage holes.



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