Grow bigger buds! Follow these tips

Written by on 3 January, 2022

Regardless of whether you have a lot or a little experience in the world of marijuana growing, you will surely want a successful harvest that gives you big, delicious buds. If so, then keep reading this post, here we will give you some tips to get it.

1- Prune your plants

Pruning your marijuana plants is one of the techniques that can work for you to get bigger buds.

After so much effort invested in your plantation, getting small buds can be a big disappointment. To avoid this, you can apply a technique known as lollipopping.

The lollipopping consists of eliminating or pruning the inferior part of the plant of marijuana, with the purpose of which the energy of the plant concentrates in producing flowers or bigger and voluminous heads in the superior part.

2- Create a suitable growing environment

Getting a good harvest depends not only on the genetics of the variety, but also on the growing conditions, the plants receive.

That is why, one of the fundamental advices is to plan your growing, this way it will be easier for you to guarantee the care that your plants need and that the environment of plantation is the most optimal.

Adapt the place where your plants are going to grow. Make sure that it is a place with space for them to develop correctly.

3- Nutrients

It is ideal that you offer your marijuana plants the food they need because doing so will allow you to achieve great results. However, be careful not to overdo it, because you can cause an over-fertilization that ends up damaging your plantation.

Different types of nutrients are used during growing. When your cannabis begins to change to the stage of bloom it is where the quantity of nitrogen is reduced, but the concentration of phosphorus and potassium is increased to obtain bigger and denser heads.


To obtain a harvest full of huge buds one aspect that can also help you is to choose cannabis strains with those characteristics. Buy your seeds from reliable sources, and make sure that the strain you want to select is suited to the growing conditions you can offer them.

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