Grow bags! Ideal for planting cannabis?

Written by on 8 January, 2021

When starting your own marijuana growing there are several factors to take into account to carry out your plantation, one of them is to decide where to plant your mota.

You see, cannabis plants can be grown directly in the ground or in pots, but they can also be grown in grow bags. This last one has become very popular among the cannabis growers. Join us and know more about this alternative of growing!

Grow bags for marijuana

Grow bags have become very fashionable thanks to the comfort they offer for growing.

Unlike the plastic pots that you have to clean to use them again, these bags can be thrown away, as soon as, you finish growing and put in new ones, thus saving a lot of time. They are also economical containers.

These bags are usually taller than wide and their shape is round and elongated, perfect for indoor growing.  In addition, the best thing is that you can find grow bags of different sizes.

They are also ideal for transplanting since we only have to cut the bag and put the root ball in a bigger one or transplant it to your garden outdoors.

Some people prefer fabric grow bags because they consider them to be more durable and much more breathable.


Grow bags have some drawbacks. Some people claim that some have drainage problems so it is necessary to make additional holes in the bottom of the bags.

Also, grow bags may not be as durable as pots or other more solid containers.




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