Find out how you can keep your outdoor cannabis growing hidden

Written by on 17 October, 2022

If you would like to grow your own cannabis outdoors, but at the same time be discreet, don’t worry, fortunately there are many ways to keep your plantation hidden.

Look at this post to take note of some tips we’ll give you to learn how to grow discreetly.

1) Choose a suitable place

If you have an open space in the garden of your house, you could carry out your growing without major problems; of course, as long as this is not in sight of all the neighbors, since the idea is that they do not realize it.

Now, if you are going to grow far from house, you must be very cautious because, the land in which you will carry out your cannabis plantation must not be discovered, for it, you must devise a plan to maintain it hidden.

In addition, an aspect that you cannot leave of side is that this site must count on a good access to the solar light, irrigation and substrate apt for this type of plants, otherwise, what could become a solution, would become a problem.

2) Keep your plants short

Another thing you could do to keep your growing hidden is to choose varieties of cannabis that do not grow too much or regularly perform some pruning technique (depending on the stage in which the plant is), to avoid attracting attention.

3) Cannabis strains with smooth smells

The strong smells of cannabis are one of the main aspects that give away a plantation of marijuana; therefore, so that you’re outside growing remains hidden, it is important that you choose those varieties with soft aromatic profiles. Among the strains with modest aromas, we find Northern Lights, Moby Dick, Blueberry, among others.

4) Camouflage your plants

To minimize or disguise the smell of cannabis, a great idea is to plant the growing along with other types of aromatic plants (at a safe distance) or plant the marijuana near existing shrubs or bushes.

What you can do is flood your garden with flowers and outdoor areas with highly fragrant plants such as lavender that provides an intense aroma during the day and honeysuckles or jasmine that provides strong odors at night.

The associated growing can be favourable to keep pests and other invading agents away from your plants and these could intensify the taste of the buds.








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