Feminized seeds? How are they obtained naturally?

Written by on 8 June, 2020

Feminized cannabis seeds give you higher productivity at harvest, but do you know how they can be obtained naturally, if not, here is the explanation.

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are those that guarantee, (by almost 100%), that the plants that will grow will be female, unlike other types of seeds.

Using regular seeds to feminize

Feminized seeds can be obtained by pollination of the flowers of a female plant, with the pollen of another female plant reversed (with a female plant turned into a male, without male genes).

To achieve our goal of feminizing cannabis seeds, it is ideal to grow regular seeds, as they have not been genetically modified. This type of seeds provide female or male strains, but of course, it is the females that matter to us.


In the cannabis world, there are different ways and methods to obtain feminized seeds, but the most natural is by means of rodelization.

To do this, you need to know the exact life cycle of the female plant, which, when it is about to reach the end of its cycle and has not yet been pollinated, usually begins to create male flowers, to pollinate the females and maintain their species.

What you must do is collect the pollen and pollinate the female plants that are starting the flowering period, in order to succeed in the feminization of the seeds.


It is advisable to carry out different tests, before producing seeds in large quantities, and work with strains you know well. If you decide to apply the rodelization technique, you must do it very carefully so that the plant does not suffer too much stress and ends up being hermaphrodite.

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