Factors that can cause your cannabis to lose potency and quality during the growing process

Written by on 27 September, 2022

To ensure that your marijuana harvest maintains its potency and quality until the end, you must pay attention to each phase of your plantation.

Keep in mind that during the growing of marijuana, various inconveniences can occur that eventually can end up affecting the results obtained.

Precisely in this post, we will comment on some factors that can damage your buds during growing so that you can be very attentive and avoid them.


Just like us, cannabis flowers can also suffer from stress. When this situation is prolonged for a long time, it can cause your girls a lot of inconveniences.

Stress prevents your plants from getting the best out of themselves. They can stop or slow down their growth and production. Also, if the plants are stressed, it can directly affect the quality of the cannabis, as it can lose potency.

Nutritional excesses

When you have little experience in growing marijuana, it is very common to make mistakes, especially when feeding our girls.

When applying fertilizer to marijuana plants it is easy to overdo it, because many think that by adding more quantity, they will get bigger buds, and the reality is that exaggerating the number of nutrients that a flower can assimilate is very harmful.

It is important to maintain a balance of nutrients, as this factor can also influence the productivity, potency, and flavor of cannabis.

A tip to avoid over-fertilization is to apply a little less than the dose indicated by the manufacturer, if all goes well, you can increase the dose little by little.

The light

We all know that lighting plays a very important role in the growth of cannabis flowers. However, during the growing pot, there are certain times when this factor can become a real enemy.

For example, during the curing and drying of your marijuana, it is recommended to carry out these processes in a dark place because the lighting in these cases is a factor that causes the degradation of molecules such as THC.

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