Errors in the growing of autoflowering cannabis

Written by on 1 December, 2020

Growing cannabis can be an exciting activity, and like everything else, it has its complexities. If you are a beginner in the topic of the growing you don’t have to worry about, fortunately there is a lot of information for you to learn little by little.

One of the first aspects which you must have in mind at the time of cannabis growing, it is to know with which type of variety you have, a photo-dependent or an auto-flowering one? This point is important because many growers tend to grow these varieties in the same way, which leads them to make some mistakes.

In function of it, we want to speak to you on this occasion about the autoflowering varieties, specifically about the common mistakes that are often made when these strains are grown. So continue reading.

Common mistakes:

1) To subject the plants to changes in the photoperiod

The photodependent varieties need 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness in their vegetative stage, and to bloom they need a period of 12-12. Commonly, many inexperienced growers think that auto-flowering varieties must also undergo these light-dark cycles in order to flower, which is wrong.

Auto-flowering cannabis strains, as their name suggests, flower automatically regardless of the photoperiod, so they don’t need light-dark changes to do so.

The whole life cycle of the plant, from germination to harvest, is done under the same photoperiod. This type of strain does not need long nights to flower. Rather it is ideal to provide enough hours of light so that they can take advantage of it for their production.

The photoperiod chosen is usually long day, between 18 and 24 hours of light, but to choose one you must take into account several factors.

2) Transplanting automatic plants

This is another quite common mistake in the growing of automatic varieties. The strains of auto cannabis do not like the transplants, therefore, to avoid inconveniences, when you are going to grow them you must try to use only one pot (of good size) from the beginning until the end of the growing. If you have the possibility of growing directly from the ground, it would be perfect.

3) Apply pruning techniques

Commonly to the plants of cannabis, they are realized diverse techniques of pruning, but when it is a question of autoflowering varieties these techniques are not recommended because, given its short period of growth and flowering, these have very little time to recover from the pruning.

In case of pruning auto varieties you run the risk of slowing down their growth, and that they start to flower with a smaller size than expected, which can affect their final production. Therefore, it is better not to prune them. Just make sure all your plants get enough light.


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