Don’t be fooled! Learn how to recognize a good quality marijuana seed

Written by on 10 August, 2022

Sowing good quality cannabis seeds can really make a difference to your growing, because if they are in bad condition it can be a waste of time and your seeds will most likely never germinate, so how do you know when they are worth it? Well look at this post.

1- Look at the appearance of your seeds

To make sure you’re choosing good quality marijuana seeds there are certain guidelines that can help you, one of which is to look at their appearance.

Look closely at your seeds – the ones that are healthy and ready to plant usually have a dark-colored skin, usually brown or gray, with black dots. Depending on the variety, some in their aspect seem to have tiger spots.

The immature seeds have green and white tonalities and generally, they do not get to germinate.

In addition the seeds of marijuana that are viable usually are hard to the tact and must be able to resist the pressure if you press them between the index finger and the thumb, unlike which they are not healthy, these usually break with facility and present cracks.

2- Test if your seeds float in water

An easy and cheap trick that will help you check that your seeds are worth it is whether they float in the water or not.

A glass of water, preferably distilled, and place the seeds on the surface and wait a few hours and then check them. If some seeds are left floating, they are probably of poor quality, while those that have sunk to the bottom are more likely to be healthy, so there is a greater chance that they will germinate.

3- Let them germinate

One of the most reliable ways to verify the quality of your seeds is to let them germinate, there are many methods you can implement for this, among the best known techniques is that which uses absorbent paper. In a short time, you will be out of doubt.

If they don’t germinate in the right conditions then it means that the seeds you have are not healthy.


To guarantee that your marijuana seeds are of good quality, always try to acquire them from reliable seed banks. Also, once you have bought them, make sure you store them properly if you are not going to sow them all at once, this way your seeds will last longer.


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