Do you want to grow cannabis on terraces? Follow these tips

Written by on 7 September, 2020

If you have a space in your house like a balcony or terrace where you want to grow cannabis, you are reading the right post.

Well, here I will give you 3 simple tips that you can take into account time to plan your marijuana plantation.

1) Use autoflowering strains

Normally the terraces or balconies receive a lot of sunlight, but depending on where they are located, they may only receive morning light. If this is your case, we recommend the cultivation of autoflowering marijuana, as these varieties do not require strict periods of light / dark to develop, therefore, is a perfect alternative if you have limitations of light.

Another advantage of auto-flowering varieties is that they do not grow too much so if you prefer to keep your growing away from the curious, they will be useful to you.

2) Plant associated growing

Growing other species of plants around cannabis can be of great help for your growing because, not only serve to camouflage the marijuana, but also can be favorable to keep away certain pests and invading agents. Of course, it all depends on the type of plant you are going to use.

3) Pots of the ideal size

When you go to get a pot, make sure it contains drainage holes and a plate to collect excess water. Also, choose the ideal size pot, since it will influence the growth of your plants.

If you select a small pot, you will limit the vertical growth of your plants, while with large pots the plants will grow more. Choose according to the variety of cannabis you will use.

Another aspect you should also bear in mind is the color of the pot. In outdoor growing, white pots are more recommended than black ones. The truth is that there are many types of pots, so make sure you use the right one.

Final considerations

Take care of your cannabis, remember that they are outdoors and depending on where you live, the midday sun can be very strong even for resistant cannabis plants. It investigates on the time of the year indicated to begin to plant the cannabis and it tries that factors like the irrigation, substratum, and drainage among others are the correct ones.


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