Do you want a mini marijuana plant? Grow your Bonsai at home

Written by on 13 May, 2020

You can grow your own Bonsai marijuana at home, besides not taking up space; they give a nice image to your comfort zone.

They are easy to care for and you have your weed on hand to make you happy and get high. Continue with us and you will learn how to have a Bonsai at home.

What is a Bonsai?

Bonsai, a miniature plant, refers to the technique used to keep these trees small. The objective of its cultivation is to develop a healthy and mature plant that grows only to a fraction of its natural size.

Originating from ancient China and Japan, the practice of growing bonsai has been going on for over a thousand years. In Japanese, the word bonsai means “planted in a container”. By planting trees in small containers, their ability to absorb nutrients and develop a large root system is restricted, resulting in a miniaturized size.

Marijuana Bonsai

Cannabis bonsai are miniature plants that never exceed a certain number of centimeters. These plants provide those who grow them with a great source of cuttings, without taking up too much space or using too many resources. And best of all, they’re very easy to maintain.

If you have several plants and space problems, bonsais are the perfect solution. But the usefulness of these specimens becomes really apparent in large cannabis plantations, where several ‘mother cannabonsais’ provide a huge variety of genes for the whole growing operation. Growing several small mother plants to take cuttings is a great way to preserve diversity without having to rely on seeds.

How are they grown?


This is to prepare the pot for the plant. Since you are growing a bonsai, you will need to choose a pot of the right size. Some growers choose to drill holes around the perimeter of the pot to pass a string or thread. Make sure the holes are large enough to accommodate the twine you will be using. Otherwise, you might get an unpleasant surprise when it’s time to train.


Place the mother plant in the pot. When you choose a cutting to produce a parent plant, make sure it is healthy and robust. Cuttings can be taken several times a year, so it is very important that the mother of these clones produce quality buds.

Once the mother plant is in the pot, you will need to place a wooden tutor to train the main stem. You can use this stick to orient the bonsai trunk in the direction you prefer. Avoid damaging the root during this stage. Place the tutor in the ground next to the stem. Then use a string or thread to tie the stem to the stake and the holes in the pot previously drilled.


Training your bonsai branches. Just as you have trained the stem, you will need to train the branches by tying them with string. If you want them to be in a horizontal position, tie them with more tension. If you want them to grow vertically, leave the string a little looser. When tying the plant, you should leave space between the branches so that they can grow without too many restrictions.


It’s time to prune the branches. As the plant grows, you will need to limit the number of branches in order to preserve the classic shape and height of a bonsai, and to allow for airflow in the main stem of the plant. It is very important to prune only the secondary branches, as cutting the main ones could seriously affect the health and growth of the plant.

Ready! You can now care for and grow your best miniature strains.

We recommend the Critical Kush and White Widow strains for your ‘Mary Jane’s Cannabonsai’.

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