Do you grow small or large cannabis plants?

Written by on 9 June, 2022

When starting out with your own Mary Jane grow, you not only have to choose whether to plant your girls indoors or outdoors, but also, for example, decide whether you are going to grow a few large plants or many but smaller ones.

Well depending on the size of the flowers, you grow; you can get different advantages but which plant size is more suitable to grow? Look at the post we will tell you about it.

Why it is suitable to grow small cannabis plants

– Generally, in indoor growing it is more convenient to grow small cannabis plants because unlike outdoor plantations, grow rooms or grow cabinets do not have as much space to grow tall flowers.

– Repairing broken stems or solving problems arising from the appearance of deficiencies or pests is much easier when the plants are smaller.

– You will be able to apply the Sea of Green technique more successfully because this method consists of planting many small cannabis plants side by side, instead of a few large plants, in order to fill all the available space.

With this method, you can maximize the efficiency of the light, and the best thing is that you can obtain abundant harvests in limited spaces in less time.

– Outdoors, for example, growing small cannabis plants is ideal for those times when you want to grow your cannabis discreetly.

– Keep in mind that, if you want to grow many small strains, the amount of seeds you need to buy can represent an important expense. If you do not have enough space you will only be able to place a few plants instead of many, besides the flowers in small pots dry more easily, so you must be very careful.

Why it is suitable to grow large cannabis plants

– Large cannabis strains are usually grown outdoors. The main advantage of this type of plants is that you can harvest a large amount of good-sized buds.

– Large plants usually have stronger root system and bigger reserves, so they resist better to any kind of stress.

– If you live in a country that restricts the number of strains you can grow, then it may be a good idea to grow a few large plants.

– Just keep in mind that growing huge flowers means more work, you will probably have to stake them so that the branches don’t break. In addition, if you grow excessively large plants indoors, it is likely that the light will not penetrate equally or reach all parts of the vine.

What size plant is the most suitable?

As you realized, both growing small and large cannabis flowers has its advantages and peculiarities, with both ways you can get very good results, therefore, determining which of the two is the most suitable will really depend on you.

To make the right decision, evaluate the goals you have set for your plantation, the conditions you can offer to your Mary Jane, the space and the available budget.


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