Do you grow cannabis outdoors? Know these 3 advantages

Written by on 12 September, 2020

With the passage of time, many people have chosen to resort to the auto-growing of cannabis because this brings diverse benefits. If you are thinking about growing pot on your own, but you still have doubts about outdoor growing, this post is ideal for you, because here we will present you three advantages outdoor growing offers.

1) Easy growing

The cannabis growing in outside could become a little easier to carry out, because many of the necessary elements for the growth of the plant, (as for example, the light and the wind) provide them the nature. In fact, depending on the variety of cannabis used, you will not need very strict care.

2) Plants grow freely and have a better yield

This advantage applies to outdoor growing done directly from the ground. The space offered by the area where the marijuana plantation will be carried out allows the plants to grow freely. In these cases, there is no roof to limit the growth of cannabis.

As there are no problems with the space or height, the amount of harvested cannabis will be quite high.

3) Economic savings

This method of growing does not require large amounts of money because the equipment (lamps, ventilation systems, among others) required for indoor growing is not needed.

Final considerations:

As you can see, indoors growing can have several advantages, but you must keep in mind that outdoor plantations can also have some disadvantages because they depend on sunlight, and weather conditions could be adverse (heavy rain and winds). In addition, outdoors your plants are exposed to pests and curious people, among other disadvantages.

Before carrying out outdoors growing, first analyze your possibilities and of course inform yourself well about the conditions that are needed to carry out it successfully, remember that the cannabis requires of a quantity of specific hours to develop correctly as well as of other factors that must be maintained in the suitable levels.


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