Do marijuana seeds need light to germinate? 

Written by on 25 May, 2022

Germinating marijuana seeds properly is one of the first steps a beginner cannabis grower must learn.

To carry out this process there are several methods you can put into practice, from using a wet paper to germinating your seeds in, a compact disc of pressed peat and soil, or coconut fiber wrapped in a fine mesh, which when moistened increases in size.

Anyway, regardless of the alternative used to germinate pot seeds, you must guarantee certain conditions such as adequate humidity or temperature to obtain satisfactory results.

Although germinating marijuana seeds is not complicated, there are novice growers who have certain doubts about the process, for example, is lighting necessary? If you also ask yourself that same question, keep reading this article.

Germination of cannabis seeds

To germinate your marijuana seeds successfully, it is recommended to germinate them indoors, in a dark closet, away from direct light.

Take into account that marijuana seeds need a dark environment to germinate, therefore, grow lights are not necessary until after germination.

Once the seed breaks and the seedling hatches, it needs natural or artificial light to photosynthesize.

In the first weeks, the young plants are not yet able to process high-intensity light, it is recommended in this case to use for example those of lower wattage such as CFL bulbs.

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