Discover what the green light is for in cannabis growing

Written by on 13 November, 2020

When cannabis is planted outdoors, they have the opportunity to have a source of natural light to be able to grow and to develop, nevertheless, in the growing carried out indoors, the grower is who must guarantee the illumination within the growing.

The truth is that either in an outdoor and indoor cannabis growing the illumination is fundamental, because from her, the varieties of marijuana can make some processes like the photosynthesis, which, is indispensable for most of the plants.

If you are going to marijuana growing in indoor, keep in mind that in the cannabis market there is a great variety of lights available and useful for the growing. Have you ever heard of the green light, if not, do not worry, here we indicate its usefulness in the cannabis growing.

Green light

As well as the marijuana plants need a time of concrete illumination, also they need a period of darkness, which, must be respected, mainly when the plant is in the period of flowering, since of the opposite, diverse consequences can be generated like the hermaphroditism.

Unfortunately, many growers make the mistake of visiting their growing using common lanterns or other devices to illuminate, when they are in their nocturnal phase, situation that can be quite negative for the suitable development of the strains.

May be at this moment you are wondering where the role of the green light enters in the marijuana growing?

Good, indeed the green light is an excellent tool to illuminate the growing during the nocturnal period, without causing stress to him or other disadvantages to the cannabis.

You will see, the marijuana seems not to have photoreceptors for the green light, reason why they cannot absorb it, and therefore, an illumination of this color will not disturb its rest.

Final considerations

While it is true that this type of light is ideal for lighting the growing in the dark period, it is advisable to try not to light your buds directly with them. Try to use the green light only for necessary reasons.

Also, keep in mind that these lights are not usually ideal to grow in general, because, the plants are hardly able to develop and probably die.



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