Discover two ways you can dry your cannabis

Written by on 13 September, 2020

Many beginners in the topic of growing perhaps could think that the harvest is the last step to have a cannabis of quality, because, after so much effort, it is moment to enjoy “the fruit of its work”, but they are mistaken.

Before being able to consume its marijuana, it is important that this one happens through diverse processes, and one of these is the drying.  In this post, we will give you two alternatives with which you can do it:

1) Use a clothesline: once the process of manicured in a correct way has been fulfilled you can begin to dry the marijuana. One of the ways to do it can be using a clothesline. Just hang the plants on the clothesline (upside down), without touching each other.

You can hang the plants completely or on branches. If you are going to dry the plants on a clothesline, it is also advisable to remove the largest leaves from the plant.

2) Drying mesh: If you do not have a clothesline, you can also choose to buy a drying mesh, which is ideal, especially if you have very little space. These generally come manufactured with materials that allow aeration.


Find out more about how to carry out the drying, either on a mesh or on a clothesline so you can avoid mistakes and get good results.  Also, it investigates the time that this process must last and the precise moment at which it is due to do it because, remembers that the suitable drying is one of the processes most important to have a cannabis of quality.

Also, make sure that the drying area where you are going to carry out it has the ideal conditions.


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