Discover the benefits of potassium soap for cannabis growing

Written by on 21 December, 2020

When it comes to your cannabis growing, you are surely always looking for ways to bring benefits to your beloved plants. In relation to this, in this opportunity we want to talk to you about the use of potassium soap in the marijuana growing, precisely about the benefits it brings to the growing. So read on.

What is potassium soap?

First, you need to keep in mind that potassium soap is a natural product composed of water, lipids and potassium hydroxide. This soap is very environmentally friendly, as it has no toxic compounds and you can buy it or make it yourself.

Benefits for marijuana plants

At this point, you are probably wondering how the use of potassium soap can benefit your marijuana growing. All right, be patient, we’ll tell you right away.

How do you know that marijuana varieties are susceptible to the invasion of pests and other external agents, which can seriously damage your plants? Well precisely, it is here that the main role of the potassium soap in the cannabis plantations comes into play.

This product serves to eliminate and prevent pests and fungi in the cannabis growing, such as the cochineal or red spider, white fly, aphids, thrips and many more.

With this soap, you can clean the molasses that some insects leave on the leaves, and you can use this product as an element that facilitates the absorption of moisture (it acts as a wetting agent). By using, the potassium soap it will be easier for the solution of other products to be absorbed better, therefore that product we have used will be more effective on your plants.

On the other hand, there are those who indicate that among the disadvantages of potassium soap applied, as a pesticide is that it is not very effective with pests that are advanced and uncontrolled.

Final considerations

The best way to take care of your cannabis growing from the invasion of pests and fungal infection is to work on prevention, for this, try to keep factors such as lighting, humidity and temperature at appropriate levels, as well as hygiene in the grow room.

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