Difference between defoliation and lollipopping technique

Written by on 17 September, 2021

To grow marijuana and improve the results of the harvest, cannabis growers use various techniques, some of which are similar, so if you do not know each method well, it is normal that you can get confused.

Defoliation and lollipopping, for example, are two methods that are often confused, but the truth is that they are different techniques.

Although both methods involve removing leaves, lollipopping concentrates on the lower part of a plant, cutting off those areas that receive little light.

When you look at your girls after lollipopping, you will notice that the plants have stems with the lower part peeled and leafless, similar to a lollipop stick.

With this method, you will leave intact the tails of buds that receive more light, which are located at the top of the strain. Your plants will focus all their energies on creating bigger and more voluminous buds in that part.

Defoliation, on the other hand, is intended to improve aeration and light penetration to all parts of the plant. Instead of giving exclusive preference to the buds at the top, defoliation seeks to redirect the plant’s energy to bud production in general.

With defoliation, fan leaves that produce shade should be removed. Try not to overdo it. It is advisable not to cut more than 10 to 20% of the total leaves of the plant.

Removing some leaves and improving ventilation around the plants can help you maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the grow room and reduce the risk of pests or mold.

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