Defoliation: a technique to increase your cannabis harvests

Written by on 8 April, 2022

Luckily, in the world of marijuana growing when it comes to improving the yield of the plantation, many techniques can be very useful.

As a cannabis grower, if your intention is to increase your cannabis harvests, you can use is defoliation, but what is it? It follows with us and knows more details.

Defoliation of the cannabis

Defoliation is a technique that will surely attract your attention, as it can improve the results of the harvest. However, some growers consider that applying this pruning technique is a risky method.

The defoliation of the strains of marijuana consists of eliminating certain leaves of the plant with the purpose of increasing the airflow and the penetration of light in the bud. When eliminating the excess of foliage, you can redirect the energy of the plant to the production of buds.

What to take into account to defoliate your cannabis plants

– When carrying out the defoliation in your marijuana plants try to use scissors sterilized and comfortable to handle.

– It is ideal not to tear the leaves by hand, as you can accidentally tear layers of the stem along with the leaves.

– Look at the leaves you are going to remove. The fan-type leaves that produce shade are the ones you have to remove.

– It is important to cut the leaves strategically, not randomly. Don’t overdo it either, you shouldn’t cut more than 10 or 20% of the total leaves of the plant.

– Make sure you defoliate plants that are very healthy; that have strong, upright stems and green leaves. Do not defoliate those plants that look fragile, or show signs of nutritional deficiencies, if you choose this type of plant, you could end up stressing it.

– When you are going to apply this method it is essential that you do it at the right time to avoid damaging your plants. There are those who carry it out at certain times of the vegetative growth phase as in flowering.

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