Cuttings vs. marijuana seeds. Which growing method is better?

Written by on 14 July, 2021

To start growing marijuana there are two ways you can choose: the first is to start your plantation from seeds, and the second is to do it from cuttings.

The truth is that with both alternatives you can get both benefits and disadvantages. Stay with us and get to know some of them.

Grow cannabis from seeds

Many growers prefer to start their cannabis plantation from seeds, as some find them easier to get hold. If you live in a place where marijuana is legalized you will have more access to them, you can even buy them on the internet from a reliable seed bank.

Now it is possible to find feminized seeds of high quality, with which, you will be able to obtain a very high guarantee of producing female plants. In addition, if you cross your favorite female plant with a male, you will eventually acquire hundreds of your own seeds.

Although this option offers you many advantages, it can also because you inconveniences, one of them is that through this method, you run the risk that not all the seeds germinate, and these can also take longer to reach the harvest, compared to the cuttings.

In addition, you can also find plants that are slightly different from their parent, because each seed develops a unique genetic code.

Growing cannabis from cuttings

If you don’t know this method yet, don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. The cuttings are clones of a mother plant, and these are obtained by cutting a branch of the same. This alternative will allow you to preserve the genetic traits of that variety in an identical way.

To make cuttings of cannabis is not difficult; however, it is necessary to know how exactly they are made to guarantee the success of the rooting of the clones.

The advantage that offers you the cuttings are many, one of them is that you will save more time than when you cultivate with seeds, since you will skip the germination stage, which can come to take 24 hours or several days. With the cuttings, you will only have to wait for them to develop roots, and you will have a plant ready to grow.

When you cultivate cannabis from cuttings you will make sure to obtain, in your next harvest, the characteristics of the variety that you cloned, for which, you will enjoy all the time of your favorite strain. In addition, it can guarantee you to obtain always-female plants. However, not everything is pink; the cuttings also have their negative side.

When you work with cuttings, they must be treated with great care; otherwise, if you do not provide the right conditions they can die before taking root. In addition, if the mother plant has any defects, this feature will be transmitted to the cuttings you have made.

What is the best method?

You already know some of the benefits and disadvantages that these two forms of growing give you, determining which of these is better will really depend on you. For beginners, perhaps growing from seed is much easier; however, as we explained earlier, growing from cuttings is not a bad idea either. Try the one that works best for you.

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