Control the temperature of your outdoor marijuana growing with these tips

Written by on 27 August, 2022

In general, cannabis is a plant that can adapt to certain conditions, however, when the days are too hot, your flowers can be affected. The best thing to do is to take precautions.

Outdoors, controlling the temperature is a little more complicated than indoors, but don’t worry, we will give you 3 tips that will surely be very useful.

Use mulching or mulch

Using mulching or ground cover can bring you several benefits to your plantation, since it not only helps you to take advantage of water and nutrients, but also to reduce the surface temperature of the substrate.

This material is a great ally for cannabis growers who want to obtain healthier plants and enviable harvests.

Water early or late

Watering is a fundamental element for the development of marijuana plants, that is why, in those moments when there are high temperatures, it is best to schedule your watering hours, usually it is advisable to do it early in the morning or at dusk.

Group your plants together

A tip that some growers follow and recommend is to group your cannabis plants, they even advise to distribute them among other pots of other plants so that they are protected from the sun.

As your plants develop their leaves, they will shade the roots. It is also ideal that when you grow your cannabis outdoors, you do it in pots, this way you will be able to move them if necessary.

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