Consider these factors and make a good drying of your buds

Written by on 1 November, 2022

Once you have harvested your cannabis flowers, you should not forget to carry out the drying process to enjoy your buds without problems since fresh buds generate unpleasant drafts.

To dry your Mary Jane properly, you must take care of factors that can influence the final product.

1- Avoid light

To create the ideal conditions for drying your bud, the room or space where you are doing it, must be a dark place.

Light is a factor that can degrade part of the content of the trichomes, thus reducing the final quality of the buds, so you should avoid it.

2- Ventilation

Make sure there is good air circulation in your drying room, but do not even think of placing the fan blowing directly on the buds, as this will cause your buds to dry too quickly, which can be so bad for your flowers.

Marijuana should dry slowly and evenly.

3- Temperature and humidity

To avoid damaging your precious buds; it is best to keep the temperature between 18º to 20ºC approximately.

Also, avoid high humidity levels in the drying room as this can cause the appearance of mold and fungus. It is recommended to keep the relative humidity between 50-60%.


We recommend when you are drying your weed that you choose a discreet place to do it, which will prevent someone from stealing your buds or curious neighbors from noticing your harvest.

Once you do this process right, you only need to cure your weed, and that’s it! You can enjoy buds with better flavor, aroma, and effect.


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