Chek out these tips for setting up your own guerrilla cannabis growing

Written by on 25 December, 2021

If you don’t have a garden or adequate space to plant your Mary Jane discreetly in the comfort of your home, don’t worry, guerrilla growing can be your solution.

This technique consists of growing marijuana outdoors in a secret way; usually the location is usually a wild and hidden place.

Do you want to know more details? Then look at this post and take note of some tips to set up your own guerrilla cannabis growing.

1- Choosing the right strain

For guerrilla cannabis growing, you need strains that are characterized by being resistant, able to withstand periods of drought.

Autoflowering cannabis strains can be a great choice for this type of plantation because of their fast growth and small size. You can also opt for strains that don’t give off as much smell to prevent your planting from being discovered.

2- The location

Generally guerrilla grows are not done in parks or public roads but in places like forests or less frequented sites.

The more difficult it is to reach the secret location, the better. You should also take into account that in the place you choose there are no streetlights nearby that can interrupt the cycle of darkness of your flowers.

Also, be sure to choose a place near a water source. If you have, a lake or river nearby it will be easier for you when you have to water your flowers, but try not to be too close to avoid flooding if it rains a lot.

3- Consider the distance and be discreet

Even if you grow your weed far from home, you will still have to be attentive to your plants to check that everything is in order that is when choosing a place to plant your marijuana. It is ideal that you take into account the distance you will have to travel to get there, try not to make it a place so far away.

Finally, plant other species of plants around your cannabis to keep your plantation hidden and avoid making the same route when you visit your children.

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