Check out the most common sins of indoor growers

Written by on 14 October, 2022

Growing marijuana in the comfort of your home has many advantages; however, this type of planting requires more maintenance than growing outdoors. If you have experience in this type of growing, you will know what we are talking.

Well, although growing indoors can be a little more difficult than outdoors, it doesn’t have to be a reason for you to give up planting your Mary Jane in this space.

Look at this post; we will mention some of the most common sins that indoor growers tend to commit. It will work as a guide to help you make fewer mistakes and get great results.

1- Sharing cuttings without checking them

When you share cuttings with other growers, you must be very careful because sometimes it is not only the cuttings that are shared, because you could also share some pests.

You see, if the mother plant has some defect, this trait will be transmitted to the cuttings that have been made, so it is essential that you check the clones you receive.

It is recommended not to introduce the cuttings immediately in the growing room, first make sure that it is completely healthy before placing it with your girls.

2- Not taking into account the variety to be grown

As you may have noticed, indoors the growing space is much more limited than outdoors, so choosing the right strain for these places is essential.

Opting for cannabis flowers with sativa genetics can turn your plantation into an odyssey, because these strains, in general, once in bloom can multiply up to 5 or 6 times their size.

The ideal is to choose indica strains that are characterized by being compact and with little stretching in the transition phase.

3- Neglecting the plants

In general, outdoor plants are more exposed to pest attacks, but this does not mean that indoors your plants are not at risk of being invaded by intruders.

To ensure that your entire plantation is in order, it is ideal periodically check your pot to detect any irregularities in time. In addition, maintaining a clean environment with appropriate temperatures and humidity will be of great help.

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