Causes of Cannabis Leaves Burns

Written by on 22 November, 2020

As a cannabis grower, you should always be very attentive to the development of your plants because, when grown indoors, marijuana depends on you and your care.

In many cases it can be that some factor like the temperature, irrigation or feeding (to mention some), are not in the suitable levels and that generates diverse disadvantages. Therefore, you must be very vigilant to detect if something is not right in your growing.

You will see the marijuana growing can suffer different problems, and one of them is the burns in the cannabis leaves, situation that can take place by several causes. In this post we will indicate four, so continue reading.

1) Because of the light

This is perhaps one of the main or most common reasons that leaves can be burned. Usually this occurs when indoor lights are too close to the cannabis.

2) From the wind

A direct current of air on your plants can also affect your cannabis. So it is very important to place the fans in the right place, and make sure that these devices do not provide a strong wind.

3) For excess of nutrients

Nutrients are very necessary for cannabis plants to develop and grow smoothly, however, as the saying goes “everything in excess is bad”, so make sure you apply the right doses of fertilizer, taking into account the stage of life of the plant, and the type of strain used. Excess nutrient burns are also quite common.

4) By excess watering

The burns caused by the excess of irrigation are among the most complicated to identify, because usually, they are confused with other symptoms. It is very important that before watering again, you make sure that your plants have drunk all the water from the previous watering.

Final considerations

Make sure you know the real cause, for which, your cannabis has burns, with it, you will avoid making mistakes and you will be able to apply an effective solution instead of worsening the problem.



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