Caterpillars in the marijuana growing? Learn how to get rid of this pest

Written by on 7 August, 2022

Although many growers may think otherwise, caterpillars are usually a pest that also affects marijuana plants, so if you do not detect them in time, your girls can be harmed.

Avoid these and other intruders in your plantation; you will notice how your weed is growing without problems; of course, you must also control other factors such as lighting, watering, fertilization, among others, to create an optimal environment.

The invasion of caterpillars in the marijuana growing is usually more common in outdoor marijuana plantations; if your babies are outdoors, you should be more attentive because these visitors can ruin your harvest.

To detect the presence of caterpillars, check your flowers constantly. These insects are plant matter eaters, so if you see bite marks on your plants, especially on the leaves, your growing is probably being attacked by a caterpillar infestation.

Also, pay attention if you notice butterflies landing on the buds or leaves of your Mary Jane, as they probably lay their eggs there.

The buds also often dry out or rot with the caterpillar attack.

How to get rid of this pest?

If the caterpillar has already settled in your marijuana growing, act as soon as possible. One way to eliminate them is to remove them manually, put on gloves to do so.

You can also use products that eliminate the pest but without harming your plants. Formulas containing the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) are very effective in saying goodbye to invasive caterpillars.



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