Cannabis growing in soil vs. Hydroponic systems   

Written by on 21 November, 2022

Luckily, marijuana is a plant that can be grown in a variety of mediums, from traditional ones like growing cannabis in the soil to more advanced ones like hydroponic systems.

Well, with so much information available you most likely don’t know which of all the mediums to choose to grow your precious Mary Jane but don’t worry, it’s normal for this to happen.

To help you make a decision, this time we will tell you about some advantages and disadvantages of soil marijuana plantations and hydroponic growing, so you will know which of these two mediums will suit you best.

Cannabis growing in soil


This growing medium has several benefits for the growers. Generally, planting in the soil is usually the most economical and accessible medium, it is also very easy to work with, so if you are a beginner in the world of cannabis growing, this medium will come in handy.

On some occasions with this medium, you can get higher yields, for example when planted outdoors the harvests you can expect can be higher. You see, outdoors there are no height limitations and in the ground, the roots can develop freely.

Also, some growers say that growing in soil, especially when done organically, you get a better tasting bud.


In soil marijuana growing plants grow slower, therefore, it will take you longer to harvest your buds than in hydroponics.

Also, a big disadvantage of this medium is that soil growing is more prone to pest invasion because many of these insects or fungus need soil to grow.

Also, flowers grown in soil will take longer to show signs of disease or deficiency, so you will need to be more vigilant.

Hydroponic systems


Just as the soil-based weed grows have their pros and cons, so do hydroponic cannabis growing. This alternative will allow cannabis growers to more easily control the plant’s nutrient levels.

In hydroponics, marijuana productions are much faster than those obtained in soil, so you will not have to wait so long to smoke your buds. In addition, high yields are obtained and this medium is less susceptible to pest attacks.


The main disadvantage with this system is its complexity, you will see if you are going to grow your weed for the first time, understanding how hydroponics works can be a real challenge.

Also, the equipment and elements that need to be installed initially are much more expensive and generally require relatively high maintenance.

Final considerations 

As you may have noticed, each option has its pros and cons. Knowing the differences between the two growing mediums will be key to making a wise decision.



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