Can the land be reused for cannabis growing?

Written by on 4 April, 2022

When you grow cannabis by your own means you have surely realized that to carry out this activity requires certain expenses, because, you must buy diverse equipment and products, if you want to obtain a good production. Although having your precious flowers with you is worth it, if you look for the way to save money, your pocket will thank you.

Many growers ask themselves if it would be possible to reuse the land from the previous growing, this is an excellent question, which we will answer soon. So continue reading…

Can I reuse the land?

Reusing land to grow cannabis, yes it is possible, only that first you must fulfill a series of aspects to be able to use it again.

One of the first things that we must do with the objective to recover the ground of growing is to carry out a washing of roots of the Cannabis, with which, the concentration of minerals of the substratum will be reduced, therefore, in the plants.

To recycle the substrate we recommend the following steps:

1) Remove dead roots and more:

If we have grown in pots, the substrate is usually quite compact, in this sense, to recover the sponginess of the soil, breaks the blocks of soil. You can help with a rake.

Well, since you know this, the next thing you should do is remove dead roots and other organic matter. To make sure that the soil is in good condition, we should let it breathe for 10 days.

2) Recover the life of the soil:

The micro life of the substrate is what favors the plants to develop, so it is necessary to add a source of life to the mixture of substrate that assures us a nutritious contribution to our plants during their life cycle. One of these can be done by mixing worm humus in the substrate and providing beneficial bacteria to the mixture (trichoderma and mycorrhiza type).

3) Add new substrate:

Once you have completed the previous steps, it is normal that there are decreases in the total amount of soil we have at our disposal. This is easily compensated by adding some new substrate to the mix.

Finally add a little bit of pearlite or coconut fiber. The use of enzymes is also indispensable.

When is it not advisable to reuse the soil?

Well, it is necessary that you have clear that not in all the cases it is advisable to recondition the substrate. If your cannabis has been attacked by plagues or some infection has taken place, it is not advisable to reuse it.

It will be better that you try to take care of the ground of your growing so that you can use it for the next one, clear as long as you make sure that it is in good condition.

The appearance of the substrate is also an indicator of when the soil is optimal for reuse. Therefore, you have to be very careful. If you see that, it looks dry or blocky it would be good, but on the other hand, if the soil has a clay-brown color and leaves stains on your hands when you handle it, it is best to get rid of it.






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