Can stress in marijuana plants be positive?

Written by on 29 November, 2022

Marijuana plants can be stressed for many reasons, over or under watering, poorly executed transplants, inadequate temperatures, pruning, incorrect pH levels, among others.

Stress sometimes negatively affects the outcome of harvests, can increase the risk of hermaphroditism, and can even cause your cannabis strains to be weaker and less resistant.

Can stress on marijuana plants be positive in any way? An interesting question.

Generally, novice growers are unaware of the beneficial properties of stress and only consider this factor as a problem. The truth is that certain types of stress are provoked in a voluntary and controlled way can produce very favorable consequences for cannabis.

Depending on the technique we use to stress marijuana voluntarily, we can get higher yields, increase the resin production of your flowers, guide the plants in height, get bigger buds, among others.

There are several tricks with which positive stress is applied to the plants. Some growers bend the branches, a low-stress technique that causes the branches to grow more in the direction that we have indicated with the bending. Generally, it is usually that all stems receive direct light, which translates into a large number of flowers.

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