Can autoflowering cannabis plants be transplanted?

Written by on 21 February, 2021

To ensure that the roots of cannabis plants have enough space to grow and develop, cannabis growers usually transplant their flowers into larger pots at certain times.

Well, carrying out this activity can be very beneficial for your photodependent cannabis plants, but what happen with auto strains? Is it ideal to transplant them?

If these questions ever crossed your mind, then this post is the one for you, read on and learn more details about this topic.

Transplanting autoflowering strains

If you have researched about autoflowering marijuana strains, you have most likely heard that they can never be transplanted, but, the truth is that it is possible, it is just not recommended to do so.

You see, autoflowering strains grow very fast; therefore, it is not advisable to transplant them as they will not have enough time to recover from the stress caused by this process. What is recommended is to plant these flowers directly in their final pot.

If you have no choice but to transplant your cannabis auto, keep in mind that it can be a complicated process and extreme care should be taken.

Transplant at the right time to avoid future inconveniences. Some growers transplant their autoflowering plants the final pot after 20 days or when they develop strong roots.

Although it may seem repetitive, it is best to plant your Mary Jane in the final pot otherwise the results may be reduced, and of course, nobody wants that.




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