Beneficial insects for the marijuana growing

Written by on 14 October, 2020

If you hear any grower say that there are various insects that can provide benefits to cannabis plants, you probably wouldn’t believe what he says. Well, the truth is that there are insects that can be favorable for the marijuana growing.

Generally, it is advised to maintain the cannabis plants far from external agents because there are numerous plagues that can finish with the growing, but, it is very important that you have present that there is a variety of insects that far from affecting our growing, they can protect it of plagues. Here we will present you three of them:

1) The ladybug

The ladybug is one of the most widely used insects for the protection of plants against pests. This name is actually the generic designation of the family Coccinelidae.

Common ladybugs can be great allies for your cannabis plantation, even when they are larvae, since they also devour pests such as aphids, among others. In only one day, they can finish with many of them.

Just keep in mind that you must be careful, because some species consume mold, but also carry it, therefore, investigate more about what are the benefits for your cannabis, before allowing the ladybugs to walk through your growing, this will avoid creating problems.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the ladybugs can’t find any food at their disposal, they will most likely go somewhere else, looking for it.

2) Praying mantis

The praying mantis is an insect known for its secrecy, patience and lethality, which mainly feeds on various insects but sometimes also swallows some vertebrates such as frogs or lizards, among others.

The negative side of this insect is that it can also end up with other beneficial species. When hatching, praying mantises must be separated, since they can practice cannibalism when they are young.

3) Green Chrysop

This flying insect, mainly green or greenish yellow, can be of great help in your objective of eliminating certain plagues, although when they reach their adult stage, these insects stop being carnivorous and proceed to feed on pollen and the secretions of aphids. For what as beneficial insects for the cannabis they count on limited life utility.

The larvae do feed on various species of pests, from aphids to white flies and red spiders. There are several species of chrysopes in the world.


The use of insects beneficial to cannabis, will allow you to keep at bay various pests, naturally and without the use of chemicals and pesticides that can be very negative for your health and the environment.

However, the best protection against pests is prevention. Try to maintain levels such as humidity and temperature, among others, at the appropriate levels. Hygiene is fundamental.



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