Basic tools every beginner grower should have to harvest cannabis

Written by on 23 October, 2022

For many growers, the most exciting part of growing cannabis is undoubtedly the harvest. At this stage, like the previous ones, great care must be taken not to compromise the quality of the marijuana.

Of course, we all want the harvest to be perfect, which is why having the right tools can help you do your job better.

Look at this post and get to know some of the basic materials that every beginner grower should have when harvesting his marijuana.

1- Latex or nitrile gloves

Getting a pair of gloves, either nitrile or latex (powder-free), of good quality is ideal for harvesting, as this is usually a very sticky process, and the gloves will prevent resin from sticking to your hands. It can also prevent you from contaminating your buds with bacteria.

2- Pruning scissors

Clean and sharp pruning scissors are indispensable. In the cannabis market, many models can work for you.

The Original Bud Cutter scissors will guarantee you great results thanks to their affiliated blades, besides they are perfect to manicure the buds.

You can also choose brands such as Hortigarden, a model with the ideal size that will allow you to make cuts in a rigorous way.

3- Cleaning Wipes

These wipes will allow you to keep your work environment clean and are perfect for sterilizing pruning scissors and other tools you use in the growing space.


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